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08 Oct 2019

Inaugurate Lampung Literacy Mother, Director of National Library: World Thinkers and Creators of Civilization Born from Reading

Bandar Lampung, Lampung - The economic growth of Lampung Province is in the top three for Sumatra region. In the midst of high economic growth, the development of reading culture in Lampung has only been stretched. Inauguration of the Literacy Mother of Lampung Province could be a role model or an alternative way to arouse reading enthusiasm so it becomes a culture.

This was conveyed by Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, before inaugurating the wife of the Governor of Lampung, Riana Sari Arinal as Literacy Mother in the Province of Lampung at Reading Fondness Civilizing National Movement Safari in Bandar Lampung, Tuesday (10/8).

The Director of the National Library said that library is not just a bookkeeper but a bridge of civilization. There are no special teachers about Lampung but thousands of books about Lampung obviously can be presented in the library.

In addition, library and education are complementary elements. However, it is also important to change the paradigm of teachers (teachers/lecturers) that adjusts to the world civilization.

"Teachers and lecturers can emulate Stanford or Harvard University that has succeeded in creating graduates who have won many world awards, one of which is the Nobel Prize. That means it does not just about helping students to achieve cum laude. But it also teaches the future foundation so that they will be resilient and stay exists for 20 to 30 years ahead," explained Director of the National Library.

The success of the world thinkers and creators of civilization is their activeness in reading. Reading is proven to generate blood flow to cells in brain so that the brain does not die. "Brain that is not trained will die," advised Syarif Bando.

A concrete example of the 20-30 years success is when the ideals of founding fathers are proven, to build the National Library Service Facility Building as high as 24 floors and 3 basement floors in the center of Jakarta.

"Library must exist as evidence of a long history of civilization," said Syarif Bando.

At the end of the direction, Director of the National Library advised that effective weapons were used on the battlefield. However, one bullet can only penetrate one head. But not with books, due to the fact that one book is able to penetrate millions of human heads and produce a variety of new knowledge.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

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