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26 Oct 2019

Bung Karno Library Held Archipelago Dance Parade in the Frame of Sumpah Pemuda

Blitar, East Java - National and Youth Literacy Month continues a series of activities. Today, Saturday (7/26) the audience row at the Amphitheater is filled with more than 1400 people who are enthusiast in seeing the performance of 347 dancers from children to adult categories on Amphitheater stage that was filled with flashes of colorful lights that bind gamelan music with snicker dancers who alternately went up to the stage beautifully. More than 34 dances were offered from the evening until the night by packaging nationalism framed in Archipelago Dance Parade from Sabang to Merauke in the framework of Sumpah Pemuda Day.

National and Youth Literacy Month is indeed different this time from the other time. There is a slick presentation this year that is packed in the framework of the 91st Sumpah Pemuda Day organized by Bung Karno Library in cooperation with the Blitar City National Assimilation Forum (FPK) and also the cultural studio of Patrialoka.

This interestingly packed event is able to suck up and provide entertainment that deserves thumbs up because it presents a variety of dances from all over the archipelago with a spectacular stage layout and has a special meaning as well, as conveyed by the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division, Agus Sutoyo, in his speech said this archipelago dance performance is quite special and spectacular because it was held in October, where October is known as the month of Youth, the month of Language, and the month of Nationality for the people of Indonesia.

"For this reason, Bung Karno Library, which has the support of FPK and also our partners in arts, the Patrialoka cultural studio, enlivened the National and Youth Literacy Month by holding an archipelago dance parade that was neat enough to be enjoyed by the entire Blitar Raya community. In addition, this dance parade is expected can enliven the Sumpah Pemuda commemoration as well as a place to work creatively for the dance artists in particular, especially for residents of Blitar Raya, where at this moment it is hoped that it can arouse enthusiasm and motivation for the Z and Millennial generation as a generation of successors to the struggle for the development of the Indonesian nation," he explained.

While the Chairman of the National Assimilation Forum, Bambang Arjuno, said in his report that FPK was very grateful to the Bung Karno Library and Patrialoka Studio, because the intention to unite the community through art could be a tit for tat, because to accommodate this quite large and spectacular event needs a good collaboration so that it could be realized. I hope, Bambang continued, similar activity like this can be improved further in the future and can become an annual agenda, so that we are able to carry out the mission in the national assimilation even tighter because our diversity is always beautiful and we live our lives in the community and state.

While Head of the Blitar City National Unity and Politics (Kesbangpol) Agency, Hakim Sisworo, welcomed this synergy cooperation and hopes it to continue in the coming years. The Judge also hopes this moment can arouse the motivation of all parties in fostering the spirit of Indonesian unity in diversity, especially for the selection of the location for this archipelago dance parade which is truly appropriate, namely at Bung Karno Library where Bung Karno's tomb is inside. According to the Judge, the activities of this archipelago dance parade are the implementation of Home Affairs Minister Regulation (Permendagri) No. 34 of 2006, in which to maintain and elect the integrity of national unity needs a commitment of the whole nation and its efforts.

"This in order to increase national unity and related to regional autonomy that requires an understanding of the obligation to preserve social and cultural values, develop democratic life, protect the community, maintain national unity, harmony and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia," said the Head of the Blitar City Bakesbangpol.

The Archipelago Dance Parade features 347 dancers by presenting 34 dances from Sabang to Merauke, including: Retna Anjali dance, Jejer Jaran Dhawuk dance, Retna Pembagya dance, Laskar Tani dance, Woro Kesthi dance, Pecut Panembaga dance, Putri Kirana dance, Surya Nwesari dance, Pethilan Perang Kembang dance, and much more. The community was also entertained by Saman dance from Aceh and Sajojo dance from Papua which brought the dance uniqueness to the concept of brotherhood that was energetically packed, and no less interesting in the midst of the national dances two poems were read by Blitar artist and the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division namely Aku Melihat Indonesia by Bung Karno. The event was closed by reading Sumpah Pemuda together led by FPK Chairman, Bambang Arjuno. **

Reporter:  Heri Purwanto

Photographer: Juwito

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