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21 Oct 2019

Saving Book Collection through National Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - 10,000 collections of Salim Said's books will be granted to the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. This was done as an effort to save the collection of books at once so that it can be used by users in the National Library of Indonesia. This was stated at the signing of the collection grant agreement between Prof. Dr. Salim Haji Said, MA, MAIA and the National Library of Indonesia, Monday (10/21).

Salim Said explained that he decided to grant a collection of books because he saw the experience of his colleague who after his death many books were scattered. "I saw my friend's book collection that was not maintained after he died. Therefore, to save the collection of books, I chose to grant them to the National Library," he explained.

The former Indonesian Ambassador to the Czech Republic said that his collection of books varied from literature to politics to the military. These books have been collected since high school until now.

"You could say, this book collection is a series of my life history, the first book collection is books about literature that I currently keep well then when I was in college I majored in psychology, many books about psychology and sociology. When becoming a journalist I always set aside some allowance to buy books. Even when I was being ambassador too," he recalls.

With the book collection being granted to the National Library of Indonesia, Salim Said hopes that his book collection will still be maintained. "I don't want my struggle to buy these books to be in vain. Therefore, I chose National Library to save it. So anyone who needs my books can read them in the National Library," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando appreciated Salim Said by granting his book collection to the National Library. "It is very extraordinary to give a history of travel, where the library can collect various collections of great people and scientists," he said.

It is said, this collection of books will be stored as it should be. The plan is there will be a special place for storing collections from Salim Said. "In addition, we also hope that this collection of books from Prof. Salim and his written books can be digitized," he continued.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Raden Raditya

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