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17 Oct 2019

Building Young Generation of North Maluku Mental through Bung Karno's Thoughts & Nationalism

Sofifi, North Maluku - Efforts to rebuild the nationalism spirit of the young generation of North Maluku through Bung Karno Library Socialization that was held by Bung Karno Library in collaboration with the Archives and Library Service Office of North Maluku in Sofifi, Thursday (10/17), attended by more than 300 participants with majority of students, college students, school library managers, village library managers, and literacy activists. Present on the occasion, Head of Proclamator Library UPT (Technical Executing Unit) of Bung Karno, Janti Suksmarini and Head of the North Maluku Archives and Library Service Office, Rahwan K. Suamba Punjabi. Rahwan alias Rakas Punjabi explained that the socialization activity carried out today was the collaboration and direct assistance from Bung Karno Library Blitar and the North Maluku Library only facilitated the place and participants. 

"We are very grateful to the Head of Bung Karno Library who made and chose North Maluku to be a historic place related to the socialization of Bung Karno's thoughts and nationalism, because Bung Karno came to North Maluku in 1951, 1954 and 1956."

While Agus Sutoyo, Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of Bung Karno Library who presented this event was quite inspiring and attracted the attention of the participants, started with the national greetings that Bung Karno had shouted out in 1951, MERDEKA ... three times and were greeted enthusiastically by participants. Agus invited the participants to reinterpret the history that Bung Karno had rolled out in North Maluku, because the presence of Bung Karno by boat for 2 weeks to North Maluku was a quite high appreciation for the people of North Maluku, that was a form of Bung Karno's love for Indonesian people even though east of Indonesia is far.

Meanwhile, Janti Suksmarini said that the aim of this socialization was to make all Indonesian young generation, especially in North Maluku understand the idea of the struggle to unite Indonesia that had been built by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno or Bung Karno. "Right now Bung Karno Library has a collection of 125 thousand titles, both relating to Bung Karno, books read by Bung Karno and books about Bung Karno," she said. Furthermore, Janti hopes the young generation of North Maluku to utilize as many books related to history that can be obtained through online or visit directly the Bung Karno Library, in Blitar, Jawa Tiumur or the National Library in Jakarta.

On that occasion, there were also young culturalists and academics from Unkhair, Rudi S Tawary, who invited students to learn history as well as possible and from reliable sources in library. Because it is important to be understand by the people of Indonesia that the struggle of Bung Karno and the founders of other nations are very important as a motivation for us all to enjoy this independence. Never leave history, I think that is the most powerful and inspirational sentence for all of us. **

Reporter: Heri Purwanto

Photographer: Sri Hardoko

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