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11 Oct 2019

Bersama Bung Karno Menggapai Jiwa Merdeka

Blitar City, East Java - Culturist, writer and interfaith spiritual leader, Anand Krishna was present at Bung Karno Library of Blitar City to had an interactive dialogue with young generation in Blitar, with an event titled Talkshow with Anand Krishna in the context of Bung Karno Library Socialization which was packaged in a series of National and Youth Literacy Week, Thursday (10/11/2019) at Amphytheater of Bung Karno Library. Also present the Head of Proclamator Library UPT (Technical Executing Unit) of Bung Karno, Janti Suksmarini, and her staff, Blitar Raya culturists, Blitar City Service Office Heads, Middle and High School teachers, students and college students, literacy activists and others with no less than 600 people. The event was held in collaboration between Bung Karno Proclamator Library UPT and Anand Ashram Foundation.

Anand Krishna who is a friend of the National Library has been involve in the world of literacy for quite a long time in accordance with his capacity as a productive writer in the field of culture, spiritual and humanity with no less than 200 title of books were written from his hands, one of which is titled Bersama Bung Karno Menggapai Jiwa Merdeka. In this book, Bung Karno's spirit was told in freeing Indonesia. This is what must be explored and can only be obtained by reading and understanding it. Books by Anand Krishna are also a collection at National Library of Jakarta and in Bung Karno Library, Blitar.

In the Talkshow, Anand Krishna told many things about Bung Karno. Including on why you have to dig into his thoughts. Well, the man with "Indian blooded casing" was born in Solo (Central Java) gave an example to the participants, one of them in Pancasila that Bung Karno used the term of God. "This is the nature of God. So the divinity is in us, not the God personally," said Anand Krishna, founder of One Earth School in Kuta, Bali.

Anand Krishna who also appeared at the National Library Jakarta some time ago said, Bung Karno also favorited Swami Vivekananda's expression, because Bung Karno wanted to be quick in inviting the Indonesian people to keep running fast, and we Indonesians were unable to pursue him, so those were Bung Karno's thoughts which are so quickly shot. Apparently Bung Karno was not satisfied to walk on the spot. He wants to run and invites us to run with him. But, we are not able. We are still weak, our feet are not strong. Bung Karno repeatedly looked back and warned that weakness only existed in mind. In fact, we are not weak. We are then ashamed to admit our own weaknesses. And we leave Bung Karno. We let him run alone. We label him as a runner without control, without calculation. We reject him, because of his speed, strengths, and above all, because of our own weaknesses. Bung Karno dared to appear different. He dared to try something new. We dare not to try anything new. Bung Karno was vigilant, we were always cautious. That was the picture given by Anand Krishna in his book Bersama Bung Karno Menggapai Jiwa Merdeka. Bung Karno had taught and invited us to run fast to achieve the dream of independence, but we were too slow to catch up and run with the speed of Bung Karno's thoughts.

Head of Proclamator Library UPT (Technical Executing Unit) of Bung Karno, Janti Suksmarini in her remarks said that with this talkshow, Bung Karno Library tried to re-socialize Bung Karno's thoughts from the collection stored in Bung Karno Library. Bung Karno's thoughts are related to nationalism, patriotism, mental revolution, national character and Indonesia in the future. This theme was deliberately chosen because as the next generation, we should try to fill independence. "To fill this beloved Indonesia with a spirit of brotherhood, unity, patriotism, and Indonesian nationalism in the future," she said.

Meanwhile, Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division, Agus Sutoyo who accompanied Anand Krishna in the talkshow said the long journey of Anand Krishna who was born to a trader in Solo, apparently had a close relationship with Bung Karno. His father had been asked to accompany Bung Karno at the time he wanted to visit India, and some of the book titles that were offered to his father were a number of Bung Karno's reading collections which until now were still stored in Bung Karno Library. "The books include; Autobiography Mahatma Gandhi, The Story of My Experiment with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi, The Unity of India by Jawaharlal Nehru, The Discovery of India oleh Jawaharlal Nehru, The Spirit of Islam oleh Sayeed Ameer,  Indian Village as it is oleh Ranganathan and there's more stored in Bung Karno Library," he said. Agus Sutoyo also said that Bung Karno's collection that he had read was no less than 176 titles, while the collection of Bung Karno written by others was more than 311 titles, books written by Bung Karno that were the result of his speeches compilation there were 7 titles, and book written by Bung Karno that the writing is intact is a book called Sarinah which is quite famous, all stored in the special collection of Bung Karno Library. ** *

Reporter: Handayani/Heri Purwanto

Photographer: A. Juwito

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