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25 Nov 2019

National Convention for Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) in the Field of Library, Competency Must Be In Line with Industry

Sabang, Jakarta - National Competitiveness and Global Competitiveness Factors take part in strategic issues at the National Convention for Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) in the field of library. National Competitiveness Factors include quality gap in human resources, relevance of graduates, diversity of qualifications, and diversity of education.

This confirms what is said by the Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando that in the current era of digital industrialization, it has eliminated at least 1-1.5 billion jobs during 2015-2025. Machines have replaced humans.

"This convention is no kidding. It is not just compiling documents. In accordance with the direction of President, competencies must link and match with the work industry. Interconnectivity. Relevant to answer the needs for the next 50 years," ordered the Director of National Library when he became a keynote speech on the National Convention for KKNI, Monday afternoon, (11/25).

Meanwhile, the Head of Librarian Development Center of the National Library, Opong Sumiati, added that the current globalization has resulted changes in all aspects of life. Workforce liberalization inevitably have to be addressed.

In the mid-1990s, the United States and several European countries had developed a system of competencies descriptor and job classifications in order to create harmony between the demand and supply of competent workforce.

This prompted Indonesia to take a similar step in anticipating the impact of globalization by developing a framework for someone's qualifications based on a set of criteria related to the level of learning achievements that have been achieved.

"KKNI in the field of library is a reference in developing human resources which includes recruitment-selection and career systems," said Opong.

The process of preparing the KKNI in the field of library has begun since the middle of last year. Started with the brandstorming process then continued with the position/occupation mapping process in the field of library and competency. In January 2019, a draft of the KKNI in the field of library was compiled. And in May, finally the draft of KKNI in the field of library was officially submitted. The National Convention for KKNI in the field of library is held for three days. Participants in the certification body convention are related stakeholders, ranging from user organizations, professional associations, professional institutions, training institutions, accreditation institutions, practitioners, government elements, and experts.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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