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14 Oct 2019

National Movement Safari of South Sulawesi Reading Fondness Acculturation: Solving Complex Problems as a Main Skill in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Makassar, South Sulawesi -- The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is encouraging disruption in various fields, especially in the skills needed for jobs in future industry. This was conveyed by Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, in his presentation at National Movement Safari of South Sulawesi Reading Fondness Acculturation 2019 which took place at Library and Archives Service Office of South Sulawesi Province, Monday (10/14).

"When the industrial revolution 4.0 was born, there were 1.5 billion jobs that would be lost and only 2.1 million jobs would be left in the world. Jobs like being youtuber, data analysis, and various collaborative jobs would be the jobs that emerged in this digital era", said Syarif. Therefore, the education paradigm in Indonesia must change. Not only prioritizes the individual cognitive intelligence achieved through cumlaude predicate, but rather the ability to solve complex problems collaboratively." Industry today does not (only) require intelligence, but also complex problem solving, how do you solve the most complex problems and you cannot do it yourself," he said.

Skills that must be possessed in future industry sequentially after complex problem solving are social skill, process skill, system skill, and finally intelligence known as cognitive abilities.

Librarians in this Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 must also always learn to be able to adapt and be relevant to technological advances. There are three main abilities that librarians must have at this time. The first is the ability of collection management, knowledge management, and knowledge transfer. "Without the ability to transfer knowledge, librarians will be left behind," concluded Syarif.

Previously, Regional Secretary of South Sulawesi Province, Abdul Hayat Gani said that in industrial revolution era 4.0 the sources of learning were not only through books, but from various sources of information available. To continue learning and competing in mastering various skills, it requires stimulant and motivation. "After all stimulant, motivation, or enthusiasm, one of which is obtained from reading. We want to be great, we must master information, one of which is obtained from reading," said Gani.

In addition to the Reading Fondness Acculturation Safari, in this series of events, the Library Week was also opened as part of the 350th anniversary of South Sulawesi. Other than that, Director of National Library also confirmed Ir. Hj. Liestiaty F. Nurdin, M. Fish as the Mother of Reading in South Sulawesi Region for the Period 2018-2023. Mother of Reading is expected to be a role model and inspire in building community resources in South Sulawesi Province that is innovative, productive, competitive, inclusive, and characterized.

Reporter:  Radhitya

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