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26 Nov 2019

Hope from City of Music to have a Representative Library

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Fostering reading interest to public must be supported by a representative library, so that the younger generation who really likes to read can make books as things they love.

This makes Ambon Mayor, Richard Louhanapessy, uneasy because Ambon is already well known for its library management, but does not yet have a sufficiently representative library.

"The main problem we face is the unavailability of land and it is not possible to set up a library in city center because the city is directly facing the ocean," said Richard Louhanapeesy during a visit to the National Library, (11/26).

This visit was welcomed by the Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, who explained the potential of Ambon as the City of Music in the world to have a representative library. Because in Law Number 13 of 2018 concerning Handover of Printed and Recorded Works, library serves as a repository for all music works including traditional to modern music artifacts.

Ambon Government’s discourse of establishing a library with DAK assistance can be done by completing administrative requirements but with the exception of land acquisition, because DAK assistance is devoted to library building constructions and development.

The potential possessed by Ambon makes the government eager to build a representative library for Ambonese community. "I hope in 2020 or 2021 we already have a representative library," hoped Richard.

Reporter: Vara Nur Isna / Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Raden Raditya

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