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23 Oct 2019

Bung Karno Biography Memorization Contest: How Young Generation Understands Soekarno's History

Blitar, East Java - Soekarno was one of the great figures of Indonesian nation. Together with Muhammad Hatta, they were known as Dwi Tunggal. The greatness of the name Soekarno is worldwide. Through Bung Karno Biography Memorization Contest held by Proclamator Library Technical Executing Unit (UPT PP) Bung Karno, millennial generation was invited to understand the history of the Proclamator's movements, thoughts and nationalism.  

In particular, the Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, gave his appreciation and praised the implementation of this activity which has entered its fifth year. In fact, the Director of National Library requested similar activities to continue to be carried out on a larger scale, including participation from other regions. It must go nationally. Not limited to the East Java region.

“But this activity needs to be evaluated because the children are only reviewing what has been set by the committee, such as reading reviews, it supposed to be on how the children are asked to read, explore and study reading books about Bung Karno and later contested through Speech Competition of Bung Karno, I even hope that this speech contest can go to the national level in Blitar,” he said enthusiastically.

In addition, said Muh. Syarif Bando, young generation must not be weak. Master the knowledge in depth. Don't be shackled by social media. Millennial children must be good at analyzing. It is impossible for a reliable leader like Bung Karno to appear without reading," said Director of the National Library when giving a speech at National and Youth Literacy Month held at UPT PP Bung Karno on Wednesday (10/23).

Soekarno's movement, continued the Director of National Library, had never been realized in the form of assets or weapons. But through a collection of books that have been red. From there then came the phenomenal thought "Indonesia Menggugat" which became the foundation of the struggle for human rights in the country. Bung Karno went in and out of the prison, continued the Director of National Library, and every time he entered the prison, in the suitcase he carried only a few sets of clothes, but that suitcase was filled with reading books that became his friends in prison. Hence, every time Bung Karno was released from prison, he always produced written works, be it manuscripts, speeches, or books.

Meanwhile the Head of UPT PP Bung Karno, Janti Suksmarini, agreed that the Director of the National Library of Indonesia stated that gradually this activity would continue to be developed as his direction by holding Bung Karno Speech Contest and at a national level. "The presence of Bung Karno Library is one of them to inflame the spirit of nationalism and patriotism among young generation," Janti added.

While the Mayor of Blitar in his speech said that he really appreciated the Director of the National Library and would continue to synergize the existing activities of the municipality government by always cooperating with Bung Karno Library. Related to Bung Karno biography memorizing contest, Mayor Santoso said that in the process of memorizing Bung Karno's biography, the students, both directly and indirectly, would find positive things that could be practiced to achieve their goals. Just to give an example, he said, Bung Karno was a President, thinker, ideologist who had a lot of work but always took time to read a lot of books. Even when in prison, as stated by the Director of the National Library, one thing that Bung Karno could not leave was the collection of books that became his food both inside and outside the prison. 

The event, which was officially opened by the Mayor of Blitar Santoso, marked by the beating of the gong, lasted for two days and was attended by 49 participants for Junior High School (SMP/MTs) level in East Java and competing for trophies with a total prize of IDR 16.5 million.***

Reporter: Ardha Bryan K

Photographer: Juwito

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