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22 Oct 2019

National Dialogue: Bung Karno and Sumpah Pemuda

Blitar, East Java - The Proclamator Bung Karno Library (PP Bung Karno) in welcoming the 91st Sumpah Pemuda Day again held a National Dialogue with Bung Karno and Sumpah Pemuda, Tuesday (10/22) at PP Bung Karno Amphitheater, Blitar City. This activity is still in the series of National and Youth Literacy Month which is in October and very lively with various activities that were able to draw public attention. Present on this occasion the Chairperson of PP-IPI, H.T. Syamsulbahri, Blitar Heritage Society Director, Indah Iriany, and literacy activist from Inggit Garnasih Foundation Bandung West Java, Lelyana Mey. The event was hosted by Junior Librarian of PP Bung Karno, Budi Kastowo. Participants of more than 300 people were mostly millennial generation of high school and university students, teachers, literacy activists, reading estuary communities, and Blitarraya humanists/artists.

In her speech, the Head of UPT PP Bung Karno invited students and college students to enliven the National and Youth Literacy Month by actively participating in the series of activities at PP Bung Karno, because in the next few days PP Bung Karno will be lively with various literacy activities. "I hope that students and college students take an active part in the activities, ranging from this national dialogue to shadow puppet shows, please join to increase our insights and knowledge related to Bung Karno," she said.

Whereas H.T Syamsulbahri in his presentation invited young people to actively involved in spreading literacy, actively utilize the library as well as possible. Because with the spirit of sumpah pemuda, we are all invited by our predecessors, the ordinary struggle figures, such as Bung Karno encouraging us Indonesians to continue to maintain unity and increase knowledge by reading. "That was literacy in that era, and now we are interpreting literacy with act and real actions to add knowlegde, our knowledge, new ideas or innovations," he said.

The Chairperson of IPI also said that the role of library in national literacy is quite important. Indonesian national literacy is a literacy activity to develop the concept of Indonesian nationality. "Literacy is simply when someone or a group of people has a problem and then wants to solve problem by finding answers to existing problem through reading, writing, analyzing, evaluating, writing, speaking and disseminating the information to public," he said. Syamsulbahri further said that the national and youth literacy month that was held at Bung Karno Library was greatly appreciated and needed to be maintained and enhanced because of this historical understanding, especially sumpah pemuda could be implemented by millennial generation.

Meanwhile, Historian who is also Director of Blitar Heritage Society said that in some historical terms recorded or asked about the role of Bung Karno in the event of Kongres Pemuda I and Kongres Pemuda II, but when examined more closely, it is difficult to say that Bung Karno was not involved in sumpah pemuda, at least his involvement was mentally and spiritually, if you may mention Bung Karno is actually the inspiration, generator, and main motivator of Sumpah Pemuda.  

Whereas, Lelyana Mey, mentioned that the current historical literacy is to empower library as much as possible, because library is currently the center of community activities, so let’s make the best use of this library and its facilities. "I am very pleased with the statement of the Director of National Library, Mr. Muhammad Syarif Bando, that library is owned by public and fully served to public, the library staff or librarian is the servant who helps public to find the information they are looking for," she said. The literacy activist from Bandung brought a theater and music staging team that accompanied the act of spreading literacy during in Blitar city.

Agus Sutoyo, the Head of Information and Cooperation Services Division of PP Bung Karno who is also in charge of National and Youth Literacy Month activities said that this activity was based on a burning passion to enliven Hari Sumpah Pemuda, by holding a National and Youth Literacy Month to increase the role of library, especially PP Bung Karno as a library that participated in exploring the treasures of Indonesia history, especially the figure of the Proclamator Bung Karno dedicated to the people of Indonesia. Salam Literasi.***

Reporter: Budi Kastowo

Photographer: Juwito

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