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22 Nov 2019

Reading is the Cheapest Investment

Semarang, Central Java - Reading habits must be built and must be a little bit 'forced', considering reading can be the biggest investment in life, the cheapest investment but has the biggest profit. This was conveyed by the Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab in a Reading Fondness Talkshow with the Indonesian Reading Ambassador, Najwa Shihab, which was held at Wisma Perdamaian Rumah Rakyat, Semarang, (11/22).

According to her, there are many ways you can do to overcome the laziness to read. Among them, including reading schedule in daily routines. Reading habits must be built and must be 'forced' a little, because no matter how much book you have at home and how much information exist in your devices if there is no intention to read, it's useless.

"We often see stacks of books, but we are not in the stage of wanting to read, so we have to 'forced' ourselves a little. How to force yourself to read? The trick is include the reading schedule in your daily routines. For example, getting up after the morning prayer reads at least 5 minutes, while waiting between a certain time take a book and read for only 5 minutes," she said.

Najwa further explained, if not used to it, after five minutes of reading and you feel sleepy, reading can be done little by little, in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. If accumulated in a day, you can read for 20 to 30 minutes. "Reading is a skill that must be trained, the more often it will get stronger, fonder and get more into it. So, include reading in your routine schedules," she explained.

Next, read books that you like, or look for books that can increase your fondness to certain hobbies. Make hobby as our intermediary to enjoy reading. "Every person must have a hobby, so look for books that can increase our fondness with hobbies, such as traveling, look for books about cheap traveling, or book about ideal tourist attractions," she continued.

Then, look for friends who have the same commitment in reading books, ideally forming a book club. "Surround our environment with people who like to read so we can remind each other to read. Because each time we are able to discuss the content of a book with other people, is a pleasure that can be obtained when we read a book," she concluded.

Reporter: Wara Merdekawati

Photographer: Hanna Meinita

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