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16 Jan 2020

National Library Christmas Celebration; Live as Best Friend for All

Salemba, Jakarta--Socrates -Greek philosopher- said that friendship is an important capital in making relationships. Such was the peace message delivered by Colonel Reverend Steven Sundalangi at the celebration of Christmas and New Year at National Library, on Thursday, (16/1). Christmas teaches humans to be grateful. Caring for others. Work with love and joy.

"God created heaven and earth as best friends for humans. And God is a best friend to nature and humans. Then, live as a best friend for everyone," said Rev. Steven.

In various bibles, it is mentioned, when the shepherds watched the angels deliver the birth of the savior, Jesus. Jesus or Joshua -in Hebrew- came to save sinners.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said Christmas and New Year celebrations are part of spiritual activities. Spiritual fostering is an integral part of library resources development. "Mastery of science and technology is God's blessing and demand. So, a strong spirit of service to the community will give positive results, " said Syarif Bando. The spiritual theme is very appropriate for creating a safe and peaceful life. From this theme there is a message that teaches the spirit of togetherness and interfaith tolerance.

National Library of Indonesia Christmas and New Year celebration were enlivened by performance of Ouikemene Community of National Library of Indonesia (POUK), reading of God’s revelation, performance and presenting donation from the children of Yayasan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar.


Reporter                   : Basma Sartika

Photographer           : Radhitya Purnama



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