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03 Feb 2020

In front of 300 Newly Inaugurated PNS, Director of National Library: Information Gap Reduce Nation’s Competitiveness

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta — As a large country, Indonesia's per capita income is far less than that of neighboring Singapore. Indonesia's per capita income has only reached US$ 3,800, while Singapore has earned US$ 88,000. This happened one of them due to information gap, thus Indonesia was unable to compete.

"Indonesia is a rich country. However, because of the lack of information presentation, we are left far behind. This is the importance of a well-managed library. So, it is important to instill motivation because Indonesia's portrait today is Indonesia in the next 15 years. Don't just teach the past because life will never go backward," Director of National Library of Indonesia said when inaugurating 300 new civil servants of National Library on Monday (3/2/2020).

Natural resources will eventually run out. And will have the impact on life survival. "Nobody can change fate except himself. Who you are today is you in the future. And it depends on what is read. By actively reading, we will be able to produce alternative energies for the world, " advised Syarif Bando.


Reporter                   : Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer           : Rd Radityo




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