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20 Mar 2020

National Library Presents Latest Feature "Ask a Librarian"

Jakarta - The Indonesian National Library Service presents an innovation, "Ask a Librarian", through livechat feature on www.perpusnas.go.id. Livechat feature that is presented to answer the public needs for access and information about National Library can be accessed on National Library website starting Thursday (3/19/2020).

In the livechat feature available on the front page of the National Library website, public can ask various information related to National Library such as collection search, visit information, internship or training information, membership information, and so on. Questions will be immediately responded by agents in accordance with their divisions. This feature is one of the service developments of the National Library Information and Library Service Center called Virtual Reference Service.

Virtual Reference Service is a personal service in answering questions or information needs of users, where librarians and users are not in the same place when interacting.

The legal basis for the implementation of Virtual Reference Service is article 14 of Law Number 43 of 2007 concerning Library which contains the provision of library services in a prime manner and oriented to the interests of users. The presence of Virtual Reference Service makes it easy for the Indonesian people to get fast, right, and accurate information directly from National Library. In addition, users who are geographically far from the National Library Building in Jakarta can receive the same services as good as the people who come directly to the library.

Apart from livechat feature, the Virtual Reference Service can also be accessed by electronic mail (e-mail): layanan_referensi@perpusnas.go.id. Questions about references such as data search, information search, library material search, and teaching about search instruction through online as well as onsite can be asked via the e-mail. Reference Librarians of the National Library are ready to answer the questions asked.

The presence of reference service e-mail and livechat feature is expected by public to get accurate information about the National Library services and other information needed.

Reporter: Achmad Riyadi Alberto & Hanna Meinita

Illustrator: Achmad Riyadi Alberto

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