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22 Mar 2020

Indonesian National Police Chief Commands to Crack Down on Crowd Maker

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Indonesian National Police Chief, Idham Azis, said police personnel would crack down on parties who are still making events and involved many people amid a corona virus outbreak (Covid-19). He expressed this through the notice (Maklumat Kapolri Mak/2/III/2020).

"Whereas if acts found are contradicting this maklumat, every member of the Indonesian National Police is obliged to take action in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations," Idham said through the Maklumat issued on March 19, 2020.

In the maklumat, Idham stated that the step would be taken to provide protection for the general public. Moreover, the central and regional governments have issued a policy to handle the corona virus, so that the Indonesian National Police will take part. "If it is urgent and unavoidable situation, activities involving many people are carried out while maintaining distance and are obliged to follow government procedures related to Covid-19 prevention," Idham said in the maklumat.

In the maklumat, Idham requested that public would not hold social activities involving large numbers of people or masses, both in public places and private environment. The intended activity can be in the form of social, cultural and religious gatherings such as seminar, workshop, and so on.

Other intended activities are music concert, festival, bazaar, night market, family gathering, sport and art exhibition and entertainment services.

"Demonstration, marches, carnival and other activities that led to a mass gathering," quoted the 2nd point of the Indonesian National Police Chief's Maklumat.

Idham also asked the public to remain calm and not panic. It is only necessary to increase vigilance in their respective environments and keep abreast of official information issued by the government.

The public was asked not to be influenced by information that could not be trusted. Anyway, do not spread news with unclear sources.

"Do not make purchases and/or hoard the needs of staples or other community needs excessively," Idham said in the maklumat.

So far, there have been 450 people who tested positive for corona virus. The central government announced there were 38 dead and 20 people were declared cured.

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20200321184611-12-485657/kapolri-perintahkan-tindak-tegas-pembuat-keramaian

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