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05 Feb 2020

Prime Secretary Inaugurates 29 PNS of Proclamator Bung Hatta Library: Arm Yourself with Insights and Positive Breakthrough


Bukittinggi, West Sumatra - National Library of Indonesia Prime Secretary Sri Sumekar inaugurated and took the oath of 29 new Civil Servants (PNS) of Proclamator Bung Hatta Library on Wednesday (5/2). In her direction, Prime Secretary (Sestama) reminded the inaugurated civil servants to be able to maintain integrity, loyalty, and commitment.

"National Library tagline 2020 is Librarian Creativity Innovation in the Context of Realising Superior Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia, in particular to support the improvement of public literacy index. So, equip yourself with insights. Make positive breakthroughs through creative, innovative and systematic thinking for the interest of the organisation," added Sestama Sri Sumekar in front of the inaugurated civil servants.

Based on the Decree signed by Director of National Library, 29 civil servants inaugurated at Proclamator Bung Hatta Library occupy functional qualifications as Librarian, Computer Operational Staff, Conservator, Media Transfer Operator, Public Relations and Protocol Analyst, Financial and Budget Manager, State Property Manager (BMN), and Technician.

Inauguration and oath-taking were also attended by Head of Proclamator Bung Hatta Library Purwanto, Head of Human Resources Division of National Library Totok Suprapto, and Head of Appointment, Dismissal, and Pension Sub Division of National Library Tanto Anton Purboyo.



Reportage: Public Relations Team of Proclamator Bung Hatta Library







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