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05 Feb 2020

Library, Benchmark of Nation’s Civilisation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In addition to having extraordinary benefits, library is also a benchmark of nation’s civilisation. Such was delivered by Deputy Chairperson of Salatiga Municipality DRPD, Saiful Mashud, during a work visit to National Library Service Building, Wednesday (5/2).

"We have to say that reading interest in Salatiga is extraordinary because there are more than 1,000 visitors every day. However, we feel that we still need to make efforts to improve our regional library services to the community," said Saiful.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando appreciated Salatiga municipal government’s intention to improve regional library service. In his opinion, nation’s civilisation is very dependent on literacy which is the depth of knowledge possessed by the community.

"The civilisation of a nation can develop well if four levels of literacy are applied, namely the ability to gather readings, understand what is implied and express, express ideas, and create quality goods and services," explained Director of National Library.

As is known, Salatiga is a small city in the middle of Central Java Province, with a population of around 197,000 people and has an area of ​​56,789 km2.


Reporter                   : Basma Sartika

Photographer           : Raden Radityo




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