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12 Mar 2020

National Library of Indonesia Holds Socialization on the Prevention of Covid19 Spread

Salemba, Jakarta - The National Library held socialization related to preventing the spread of Covid19 for all employees at Salemba and Medan Merdeka Selatan Building National Library, Thursday (12/3). This socialization is conducted to prevent the spread of Covid19 when employees are inside or outside work environment. Deputy of Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti, said that each National Library employee has the same responsibility in preventing Covid19.

"Preventive efforts need to be made by employees wherever they are. This is to create positive thoughts and not to cause fidgetiness, one of which is in work environment of the National Library," said Woro Titi.

The National Library Polyclinic doctor, dr. Firlihany Anggraini, mentioned some clinical symptoms that might be generated when someone contracted the Covid19 virus like a fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, cough accompanied by respiratory distress (blown) and sore throat, to completely exhausted.

Dr. Firlihany urges every employee to always be objective and think positive. "Positive thinking means that there is no need to panic even though caution is needed. By thinking objectively and positively then every communication that is established between employees will also be good and not causing worries," she said.

Each employee must also pay attention on how to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus by:

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Using a mask when cough/sick
  • Consuming balanced nutrition
  • Maintaining contact with animals
  • Exercising and having enough rest
  • Not consuming uncooked meat

Most importantly, if you get cough at the same time feeling out of breath immediately go to a health care facility.

Reporter: Eka Purniawati
Photographer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution

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