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12 Mar 2020

The Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Tanggamus Regency Wants To Expand Library Benefits with Regulation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Occupied by over than 670,000 people, Tanggamus Regency has begun to realize the importance of library and reading. Tanggamus Regent has declared himself the Reading Mother. Now, all that remain is for the public to be attracted to the library. A number of Literacy Movements have been initiated to encourage the enthusiasm for reading.

"We want to make the library's appearance more attractive and the public can feel more comfortable when visiting," explained Naim Umar, a member of the Tanggamus Regency DPRD before the Deputy of Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti, during a work visit, on Thursday (3/12).

His party, added Umar, has heard that library had transformed to become more modern and humane. The concept of library based on social inclusion is considered appropriate to change the cultural mind set of public, no longer dwelling on ritual activities but able to exist with all of their abilities so that it is more productive.  

"Accompaniment activities from library that are adjusted to the natural potential and human resources are able to provide greater economic benefits. Community welfare will be boosted. We also want to expand the library benefits to the village. There are 299 villages located in Tanggamus Regency. We want to know how to make the regulation," Umar continued.  

Related to what was conveyed, Deputy Woro said that it really needs regulation that strengthen the existence of libraries in the villages. The initiation can be started from the legislative circles. "Tanggamus Regency can imitate the example of the library management regional regulation by several regions," Woro explained. With the regulation made later, it will be easier for executives to carry out library agenda and the literacy development.

Reporter: Eka Nia/Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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