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07 Feb 2020

National Library Teams Up with BNPP Builds Libraries in Seven Border Points

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - National Library collaborates with National Agency of Border Management (BNPP) in establishing library. Of the 222 priority locations available, seven Cross Country Border Posts (PLBN) have been targeted for library development this year. This was stated at the hearing of Assistant Deputy of National Agency of Border Management (BNPP) with Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando in his office on Friday (7/2).

Head of Public and Special Library Development, Nurhadi Saputra said, seven PLBNs that had submitted infrastructure proposals, for all of them, it had been prepared. "The place has been prepared, but we have to look again whether or not it is a strategic location. As for the rooms, it also still needs to be reviewed again," he explained.

Furthermore, Nurhadi said, BNPP had 222 priority locations, but for the initial phase National Library would assist in seven PLBNs, namely in the areas of Entikong, Aruk, Badau in West Kalimantan, Motaain, Motamasin, and Wini in East Nusa Tenggara, and Skow area in Papua.

"We, from National Library are ready to help, this is to increase public literacy in the border region. In the future, not only at the border but also in the 3T (frontier, underdeveloped, and outermost) regions," he concluded.


Reporter                   : Wara Merdekawati

Photographer           : Raden Radityo




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