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10 Feb 2020

Director of National Libray Inaugurates Librarians at National Library

Salemba, Jakarta – Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando inaugurated seven librarian functional officials at National Library. The seven inaugurated librarians consisted of supervisory levels, first, junior and senior.

In the oath of office read by Muhammad Syarif Bando, the seven inaugurated librarians were asked to be loyal and obedient to the 1945 Constitution and to implement the legislation as straight as possible for the sake of devotion to the nation and state.

"Carrying out office duties, upholding the ethics of office, working as well as possible, with a full sense of responsibility," said Syarif Bando while inaugurating librarian functional officials at National Library Auditorium, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 28A, Jakarta Pusat, on Monday (10/2/2020).

Instatement of senior librarian functional official is based on Presidential Decree Number 3/M of 2020 stipulated in Jakarta on January 6, 2020 by President Joko Widodo. While the instatement of other librarian functional officials is based on the Decree of Director of National Library on Appointment of Civil Servants in Functional Positions at National Library.

The following is a list of librarian functional officials appointed:
1. Senior Expert Librarian: Hartono
2. Junior Expert Librarian: Ipuk Wahyu Utami
3. Junior Expert Librarian: Leonardo Lodewyk Kyveent
4. First Expert Librarian: Ratnawati Nurwahyuningsih
5. First Expert Librarian: Dewa Ayu Putri Agustini
6. First Expert Librarian: Gibran Bima Ghafara
7. Supervisor Librarian: Cut Jamilah


Reporter                   : Hanna Meinita

Photographer           : Ahmad Kemal Nasution





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