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10 Feb 2020

Sidoarjo Regency Parliament Encourages Schools to Fund Library Development from BOS


Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - DPRD Commission D of Sidoarjo Regency is exploring efforts to encourage schools to allocate part of BOS (School Operational Assistance) fund for school library development. Especially related to the procurement of non-textbook collection. This was said by Chairperson of DPRD Commission D of Sidoarjo Regency Moch. Dhamroni Chuldori during a visit to National Library Services Building, Monday (10/2). "Through Library Service or Regent as local leader in order to oblige schools to use BOS fund for libraries," he said.

On the other hand, Dhamroni said that he would like to thank National Library's support in developing library so that it can be considered good and very feasible. Even now the construction of public libraries is being directed to reach village level.

"We want libraries in Sidoarjo Regency to continue to be present amidst community and continue to grow," he added. He wanted good cooperation between DPRD and Library Service Office of Sidoarjo Regency to make this happen.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando who directly received the visit emphasised, in addition to collection, the role of educators or teachers in schools is no less important.

"A teacher in a school must set an example. If the teacher is diligent in reading, surely students will also be diligent in reading," he explained. This is in accordance with the country's goal, which is to educate the life of the nation.


Reporter                   : Eka Purniawati

Photographer           : Raden Radityo



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