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06 Feb 2020

Medan Municipality Wishes to Establish Library According to National Standard through Regional Regulation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - DPRD Commission II of Medan Municipality wants the libraries in the city to be of high quality and in accordance with national library standard. To make this happen they plan to draw up a Regional Regulation (Perda) on library management. This was conveyed by DPRD of Medan Municipality member Afif Abdillah at National Library Service Building Friday (1/6).

"We intend to draft this regulation so that libraries in Medan can be built according to standard, in terms of collections, services, and human resources. I am sure that library will become an accurate source of information," he explained.

Afif even considered, Regional Regulation would make APBD (regional budget) more impartial and accommodate the operation of libraries in the regions. Considering that up to now, it has been difficult for library to get attention especially related to local government budget.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando fully supports the efforts of DPRD Commission II of Medan Municipality. He understood how important it is to meet quality human resources and meet library service standard.

"It's time for library to clean up. Not only the role of managing collections and organising services. But it also conveys information and knowledge," he stressed.

Syarif Bando also advised that in addition to librarian standardisation, in compiling regional regulation it is also necessary to pay attention to the ratio of the number of books to the population and the increase of literacy index to be achieved.


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Photographer           : Ahmad Kemal Nasution



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