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06 Feb 2020

School Library Condition in Medan Still Less Feasible

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-School library is considered to have a great role in improving reading fondness from an early age. But there are still many school libraries in Medan that are in poor condition, especially at the elementary and junior high school levels. This was conveyed by Secretary of DPRD Commission II of Medan Municipality Dhiyaul Hayati during a visit to National Library Services Building, Thursday (6/2).

"In order to love reading, children must be introduced to books from an early age. Not only is the responsibility of parents at home, but also can be carried out at school. So, we hope that National Library of Indonesia can provide assistance for book collection for school libraries and public libraries in Medan Municipality," she said. In addition, Dhiyaul also hopes that there will be support from central government by intensifying reading fondness programme that can be adopted by local governments.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando supports Dhiyaul Hayati's statement regarding the importance of reading from an early age. Meanwhile, in relation to assistance, Syarif Bando said that it could be implemented by proposing special allocation fund. "In accordance with President Jokowi's direction to improve human resources quality, library will be increasingly needed," he affirmed.


Reportase                 : Eka Purniawati

Photographer           : Ahmad Kemal Nasution



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