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12 Feb 2020

Mayor of Bandar Lampung: Don’t Let Digital Life Beat Reading Activity

Bandar Lampung, Lampung - Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Herman HN, together with Director of National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando, inaugurated library of Bandar Lampung Municipality building, on Wednesday (12/2). The construction that took less than a year was the implementation of special allocation fund (DAK) in the field of library received by Bandar Lampung Municipality in 2019. In his message, the Mayor appealed to the entire community of Bandar Lampung Municipality, including regional apparatus to actively read.

"Nothing is not recorded, even law. Anyone must be diligent in reading even though they are aging. Reading is very important. If you cannot dedicate special time to read, at least one day there is a time to read," ordered the Mayor.

In today's modern era, advances in electronics, especially digital technology, can damage harmony, intimacy, and even human friendship. Digital world must not defeat human activity in reading.

Appreciating what has been done by National Library, Mayor Herman specifically instructed Regional Secretary to build additional library service facilities in the area behind library service building as well as addition of computer units for digital collection integrated with collections at National Library.


Reporter/Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan



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