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12 Feb 2020

Secretary General of National KORPRI Reminds of Three KORPRI’s Duties

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Secretary General of National KORPRI Bima Aria Wibisana stressed that there are three tasks as members of KORPRI, among them is that members of KORPRI as public servants must continue to improve their competence to provide the best service to the community. This was conveyed after inaugurating National Library KORPRI Management Board, at the Hall of National Library Service Building, Wednesday (12/02).

"KORPRI members are State Civil Apparatus or ASN who perform public services, must continue to improve their competence. This organisation must be able to provide the best service to the community," he said.

In addition, continued Bima, KORPRI’s duty is to bind the country together as a unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. Judging from the number of posts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram that are trying to replace Pancasila and 1945 Constitution, it is ASN's duty to further deepen the sense of national unity and integrity. Given that 30 per cent of civil servants have been exposed to this.

And finally, KORPRI’s duty in improving the welfare of its members. Bima explained, this could be done in many ways, one of which was entrepreneurship to improve the welfare of its members.

"KORPRI has a programme for its members who want to try to build a new business, namely with resources assistance, with much lighter interest compared to loans in banks. In addition, there is also an Umrah programme for KORPRI members," he explained.

Bima hopes that the newly established KORPRI management board will be able to carry out its duties and responsibilities well and be able to bring changes to KORPRI's progress and independence.


Reporter                   : Wara Merdekawati

Photographer           : Raden Radityo




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