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12 Feb 2020

Director of National Library: Knowledge Transfer Can Only be Carried Out by Reading

Bandar Lampung, Lampung - Technology has the effect of accelerating in almost all development sectors. Technology is obtained because of knowledge transfer process. And knowledge transfer can only be carried out by activeness in reading.

Bung Karno in his history, was never taught how to collect weapons of war or how to become a world economic power. In 1920, Sukarno together with his comrades in fact formed a struggle organisation that existed in liberating Indonesia from the invaders.

The results were appalling, that from reading frequently, Pancasila philosophy was formed, 1945 Constitution was formulated. Even the Asia Africa Conference (KAA) first held in Bandung, became the foundation of human rights.

"A weapon is powerful to use on the battlefield but it actually kills humanity values. It is different from a book which, if digitised, is capable of penetrating billions of heads and creating new civilisations," explained Director of National Library.

In front of 200 participants who were elementary / junior high school teachers and Community Reading Park managers, Director of National Library invited teachers to understand the meaning of literacy. Literacy is basically interpreted as four levels. First, the ability to gather reading sources. Second, the ability to understand between the implicit and the explicit. Third, the ability to generate new ideas/creativity. And the fourth, literacy is interpreted as the ability to process to become goods/services.

"With good literacy skills. Anyone is not easily consumed by fake news (hoax). The chaos that occurs at the end is caused by community not being able to process information material properly so that they are easily deceived and controlled by a particular group of people.


Reporter/Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan



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