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12 Feb 2020

National Library KORPRI Management Board Officially Inaugurated

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-Management Board of Republic of Indonesia Civil Servant Corps of National Library of the period 2019-2024 was officially inaugurated by Secretary General of National KORPRI Management Board, Bima Aria Wibisana, at the 4th Floor Hall of National Library Service Building, Wednesday (12/2).

Instatement and inauguration of 23 people of National Library KORPRI Management Board were based on National KORPRI Management Board Decree Number: Kep 29 / KU / VII / 2019 on personnel composition of National Library KORPRI Management Board service period 2019-2024.

Management of National Library KORPRI service period 2019-2024 was chaired by Head of Legal Affairs and Planning Bureau Joko Santoso, with two deputy chairs namely, Deni Kurniadi (Deputy Chair I), Teguh Purwanto (Deputy Chair II).

Under chairman and vice chairman, there are field chairmen. Among them, Chairperson of Organisational and Institutional Affairs Division held by Bonar Sijabat, Chairperson of Funding and Control Division held by Nani Suryani, Chairperson of Business and Welfare Division by Joko Budi Santoso, Chairperson of Mental Corps Discipline and National Insight Division held by Adin Bondar, Chairperson of Spiritual Affairs, Sports and Socio-Culture Division held by Upriyadi, Chairperson of Legal Protection and Aid Division held by Sri Marganingsih, Chairperson of Increasing Role of Women and Community Service held by Rifa Fadilah.

Inauguration event of KORPRI management board was witnessed by Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services, Ofy Sofiana and structural officials within National Library.


Reporter                   : Wara Merdekawati

Photographer           : Raden Radityo



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