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13 Feb 2020

Director of National Library: Agriculture Literacy Important for Famers’ Welfare and Life Quality

Tugu Tani, Jakarta — People's paradigm of library as book warehouse must be changed. Library, if likened to the sun, it always illuminates and radiates the rays of knowledge for everyone. Library is also considered as a source of knowledge that can fertilise all plants. Even in agriculture. All types of agricultural technology, varieties of plants, cultivation of superior seeds can be learned and created by reading. Literacy becomes the keyword.

"In this world there is no knowledge that falls from the sky, but from reading books. For example, if a mango fruit farmer wants to get a crop with different tastes from the same tree, then they need to learn about genetic engineering through appropriate applied science books. Therefore, Ministry of Agriculture must be a good coach and teacher so that farmers can transform from traditional farmers to modern farmers," explained Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when he was a keynote speaker at Technical Meeting on Library Management and Development of Ministry of Agriculture with the theme "Social Inclusion-based Agricultural Library Transformation" in Jakarta, Thursday (15/2).

In addition, Director of National Library also appealed to Ministry of Agriculture to help farmers to easily understand knowledge about agriculture. "I am sure, starting this year National Library will focus on assisting Ministry of Agriculture in defining any information about agriculture. Because, who else would think about agriculture and farmers in Indonesia, if not us," explained Syarif Bando.

Speaking of literacy, it can be interpreted with the depth of one's knowledge. There are four levels of literacy, namely the ability to collect reading resources, the ability to understand what is implied and explicit, the ability to express ideas, and the ability to create quality goods and services.

"Welfare will be more easily achieved with an adequate level of literacy and social inclusion-based libraries are aimed to have direct effect on the community in improving their welfare and quality of life," explained Director of National Library.

Impressed by what was conveyed by Director of National Library, Head of Library and Distribution of Agricultural Technology Centre (P3TP), Retno Sri Hartati Mulyandari, admitted that this was very inspiring. "Indonesia's economy depends on agriculture. Clearly, the old paradigm must be changed so that farmers can increase their production. And Ministry of Agriculture's current task is to transform agricultural contents so that they are easily understood by farmers," Retno added.



Reporter                    : Basma Sartika

Photographer           : Raden Radityo



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