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13 Feb 2020

East Java Library Service Office Asks for Mobile Library to Support KlikPus

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - For the sake of implementing KlikPus programme, Library and Archives Service of East Java submitted a request for mobile library car assistance. Klikpus or Library Clinic is an innovation programme in the field of mobile library service that will be implemented by East Java Disperpusip.

"KlikPus programme is a mobile library integrated service. For example, providing education related to how to read well to good library management," said Mei Endah Iriani, Head of Library and Information Services Division of East Java Library and Archives Service Office, when she met Director of National Library on Thursday (13/2).

Mei also mentioned that in addition to KlikPus which will be implemented soon, East Java also has Darling, which is an acronym of Dongeng Anak Remaja Keliling (Mobile Tales for Young Adults). Darling is an activity to introduce library and foster fondness for reading to children and adolescents through a mobile tale vehicle.

"This activity is carried out in many places such as schools and Islamic boarding schools," Mei added.

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando said he would support the efforts of East Java Disperpusip.


Reporter                   : Eka Purniawati

Photographer           : Raden Radityo



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