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04 Mar 2020

Bangka Belitung Province Needs a Representative Library to Increase Reading Interest

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - The existence of library is very important and is included in one of the priorities that must exist in each province, regency/municipal. In library all works and knowledge of the nation's children are stored, preserved and utilized. However, a representative library building is needed, as well as supporting facilities and infrastructure in order to attract public interest to visit the library.

"Library is a window of the world knowledge. Literacy for welfare which is the goal of the National Library is an impact, one of which is from the reading fondness. Literacy for welfare. However, there needs to be an infrastructure that is able to attract people and children to come to the library," said the Head of Commission I of Bangka Belitung Islands Province Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD), Hellyana, during a work visit to the National Library, on Wednesday (3/4).

Responding to this, Deputy of Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti, said that she agreed the library play a role in increasing public reading fondness in a region. Because by reading, people are expected to practice what they have read in an effort to improve their welfare and quality of life. The library is called a learning place to share knowledge.

On the same occasion, Head of Special/Public Library Division, Nurhadi Saputra, gave an explanation regarding the requirement of supporting documents which have to be prepared and then upload it to the Krisna application for the purpose of submitting a DAK proposal.

"For the submission of DAK proposal, there are six menus, including the construction of a library building. What must be prepared include a land certificate, Detailed Engineering Design (DED), and a commitment letter from the relevant regional leader. In addition to the library building construction, you can also add other menus needed to better support facilities and infrastructure such as ICT, collection and furniture," explained Nurhadi.

Reporter: Basma Sartika

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