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04 Mar 2020

Literacy Mother of Tulang Bawang Regency Will Use Application to Build the Reading Culture

Tulang Bawang, Lampung - After being inaugurated by Director of the National Library of Indonesia as the Literacy Mother of Tulang Bawang Regency for period 2020-2023. Hj. Winarti who is also the Regent, said she would cooperate with the National Library of Indonesia to utilize various digital applications and services available to improve reading culture in the Regency.

"The point is to balance the use of digital library applications with gadgets that are commonly used by public. The use of social media and various games in digital era cannot be eliminated, but with an educative and interesting reading application like iPusnas we hope that people's habits slowly can shift to reading culture," Winarti said.

The Director of the National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando also agreed with what was conveyed by Winarti. According to him, we might not be able to make people leaves their smartphones to later force them to read. "What can be done is how we can fill in and ensure that in the use of smartphones there is an opportunity to continue in improving the public reading culture," said Syarif.

For this reason, the National Library continues to innovate so that public can access the reading material and library services through their smartphones. "The National Library is the only library in the world that has an application called iPusnas which is managed through Digital Rights Management in which reading books can be purchased for the copyright and then lent to the wider public in full text," said Syarif.

iPusnas itself is a digital library application based on social media that is equipped with eReader to read eBook. With social media features you can connect and interact with other users.

The inauguration of Literacy Mother was held at Multipurpose Building in Tulang Bawang Regency, Wednesday (4/3). Literacy Mother is expected to be an example and inspiration in developing human resources in Tulang Bawang Regency and also in realizing quality, participatory, innovative, and accountable regional development planning. The Director of National Library also congratulated and expressed his gratitude for the wish of Tulang Bawang Regent in carrying a heavy mandate as literacy mother. "Because changing the habit of children who prefer to play games rather than reading is very difficult, and the essence of a leader is someone who can change culture," concluded Syarif.

In addition to the inauguration of Literacy Mother, in the same series there is also a talkshow of reading fondness and the Read Me a Book movement. Read Me a Book is an acculturation program of fond to read aloud to early childhood or school age. Read Me a Book is initiated by South Korea's National for Children and Young Adults (NLCY). This idea was then campaigned simultaneously in nine countries in the ASEAN region from January 15 to April 23, 2020. Literacy Mother of Tulang Bawang Regency participated to enliven this activity by reading storybooks aloud to Early Childhood Education Program (PAUD) and kindergarten children.

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