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04 Mar 2020

Library Must Change Style to Follow Millennial Generation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - In today's technological era, reading culture has experienced a significant shift. The abundance of information about an issue today clearly creates a lot of hoax information. The public no longer gets the full information as can be obtained when reading a book. Therefore, library needs special strategies to be able to survive in this technological era.

"Nowadays, people can easily get information about anything they want on internet, but that information tends to be only a piece of it or incomplete. Incomplete information also often leads to hoax. For that, we want to know what strategies that National Library has to be able to survive in the midst of this era of ever-evolving technology," said Niko, a member of Bangka Belitung Islands Province Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) in National Library Service Building, Wednesday (3/4).

Deputy of Library Resources Development, Woro Titi Haryanti, answered Niko's curiosity by explaining that the shift in reading culture is caused by internet technology that forced library to change by following the style of millennial generation. Namely by digitizing reading materials so that these millennials can continue to read even though it is not in the form of books but simply by using their respective smartphones.

"In this internet era we cannot directly use the information we get. For example Wikipedia, we cannot use it as an official scientific reference material, because the information contained is not trusted. For this reason the National Library presents reading materials that have been digitized into applications that can be accessed directly on smartphones such as iPusnas, e-resources, Khastara, and Indonesia One Search (IOS)," Woro explained.

Not to forget, the Head of the Library and Archives Service Office of Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Arsyaf Suryadin, requested the assistance of librarians' formation because the current number is not enough to support all library services in the area. "The current number of our librarians is only 12 people. We need the National Library assistance so that the number of librarians in our area can increase," Asyraf explained.

For this reason, Opong Sumiati, as Head of the Librarian Development Center explained that inpassing can be used as a way to encourage potential HR to become librarians. In addition, it was also conveyed that the National Library also held technical guidance, librarian certification, Librarian Competency Test (UKP), and outstanding librarians’ competition.

Reporter: Basma Sartika
Fotografer: Ahmad Kemal Nasution

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