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14 Feb 2020

Deputy Head of DPRD Commission D of Pemalang Regency: Reading is Window of the World

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Although Pemalang has already had a representative library, it has yet to raise the interest of Pemalang Regency community to visit. The number of visits per day is only around 200-250 people of 1.4 million inhabitants of Pemalang. This that triggered Pemalang Regency parliament to exchange ideas on how to raise community enthusiasm to visit and also ask for the support of infrastructure to make it more adequate and sufficient for the library.

Led by Deputy Head of DPRD Commission D of Pemalang Regency, Dyah Widiharti, at the beginning of her arrival, Dyah said that reading interest in Pemalang has been increasing, but this has not been supported by facilities and infrastructure condition of the library itself.

"We realise that reading opens horizons of knowledge. Reading is a window to the world, especially with the continued development of knowledge, it is expected that reading interest in Pemalang will continue to increase. However, all are still hampered by incomplete facilities and infrastructure. We need support for building expansion, collections, and information communication technology," explained Dyah.

Responding to this, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, gave full support to DPRD of Pemalang Regency to submit a proposal for Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for library building the expansion, collections, and ICTs through Krisna application.

"Submission of DAK proposals in 2021 can start from the end of February to June 2020 on Krisna application. Please upload supporting documents needed for library building expansion, such as land certificate and Detailed Engineering Design (DED) in PDF format," pleaded Deni.


Reporter                   : Basma Sartika

Photographer           : Ahmad Kemal Nasution




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