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19 Feb 2020

To Pass National Library SKD Test, Participants are Advised to Study Hard

Cawang, Jakarta - As many as 2,158 participants took Basic Competency Selection (SKD) test within National Library. The series of stages of Selection for Civil Servant Recruits (CPNS) Acceptance 2019 began at BKN central office, Jakarta on 18 February 2020.

They competed for 19 positions and to fill 57 vacancies. Participants who passed the test will be placed in Jakarta central office, Salemba and Medan Merdeka Selatan, and Proclamator Bung Karno Library in Blitar.

The SKD test of National Library CPNS consists of 100 questions using CAT system for 90 minutes. Head of Appointment, Dismissal, and Pension Subdivision of National Library Tanto Anton Purboyo said SKD test consisted of 35 Personal Characteristics Test (TKP) questions, 30 General Intelligence Tests (TIU) questions, and 35 Nationality Insights Tests (TWK).

In accordance with the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Regulation Number 24 of 2019, participants must meet the minimal scores in SKD test. In accordance with the formations available at National Library, there are four categories, General, Cumlaude, Disability, and Residents of Papua and West Papua.

Each formation has a minimal value, for General the minimal value of TWK is 65, TIU 80, and TKP 126. For Cumlaude formation, the minimal value of TIU is 85 with minimal total value of 271. For disability formation, the minimal value of TIU is 70 and minimal total value of 260. Formation for Residents of Papua and West Papua, the minimal value is 60 with total minimal value of 260. Especially for the formation of Doctors and Dentists, the minimal value of TIU is 80 and the total value is 271.

Tanto Anton advised that to pass the test to the next stage, SKD participants must study a lot. "Everyone must study in order to qualify for SKD and of course pass the final selection," he explained at BKN Head Office, Jakarta, on Tuesday (2/18/2020).

SKD participants who meet the minimal scores from each question category will be ranked in the top three according to the position for which they apply. After the announcement of participants who passed SKD, they will take part in Field Competency Selection (SKB). The date of SKB test has not been announced because we are still waiting for information from National Selection Committee.

As for assessment for TIU and TWK, if the answer is correct, the score is five and if it is false or left unanswered is zero. Score for TKP, if answering, the highest value is five, the lowest value is one, and unanswered is zero.

The SKD test of National Library CPNS 2020 takes place in four cities, Jakarta on 18-19 February 2020, Makassar on 22 February 2020, Padang on 24 February 2020, and Yogyakarta on 4-5 March 2020.


Reporter        : Hanna Meinita

Fotografer     : R. M. Radityo



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