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25 Feb 2020

Minister of Home Affairs Asks Library be Filled by Competent Librarians

Pancoran, Jakarta - Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Prof. H. M. Tito Karnavian, Ph.D., requested that library be filled by competent librarians. It means, besides having technical ability, they also have high commitment in managing library. He said this when opening National Library National Coordination Meeting 2020 at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday, (25/02).

"We look at the available data, the number of librarians when we talk about personnel, is only approximately 12,301. This is those with technical ability. This is clearly lacking, while the number of libraries is 164,610. It means library is filled with people who are not competent, people who do not understand about the library. What is the result? If handled by someone who is not competent, how can they manage library. It means that people are only placed there, they do not have the passion, they do not have the desire, they do not have the commitment, surely the result is not optimal," said Minister of Home Affairs.

Not only that, Minister of Home Affairs also asked all local governments to immediately form their own library service office. This is so that library institutions can be strengthened by the performance that is increasingly developing.

"It is true that in 34 provinces library services have been established, some are still combined with other agencies, in 514 districts/municipalities, 491 of them have formed institutional offices, which only 33 have built their own library services, while 458 of them are merged with others. If it is combined with the others (other agencies), it means it is not focused, then the budget must be shared with the parent agency," he said.

Meanwhile, at sub district level, the existence of library is still considered minimal. Therefore, it requires encouragement from government and local government at the top level to form library.

"Of 7,094 sub districts, 1,685 or 23% have libraries. We have not seen quality, this is quantity. This means that there are still a lot of more than 5,000 sub districts that do not have place to read provided by government. While at village level, of 83,481, there are 33,929 villages that have place to read, whether it might be a mini library or something, 44% already had, but still 56% do not have one. This is what must be driven and encouraged optimally," he explained.

As a ministry that carries out the fostering and supervision functions of local government, he promised to continue to encourage the existence of library services in the regions in order to provide reading access for people in all corners of the country.

"I, as Minister of Home Affairs, will surely encourage library issue to become a mandatory that must be carried out by local government. Although manadatory not in terms of basic service, it is mandatory in terms of government science. The first is regulation, because regulation from Ministry of Home Affairs will be specially created so that all regions form library services. We also encourage heads of sub districts to create library funded by regency. Because sub district does not have budget, village has the budget now, because there is direct transfer per month (village fund). Well, one of its allocations is that it can be used to build village library through the fund," he concluded.


Reportage: Ministry of Home Affairs Information Centre




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