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03 Mar 2020

South Kalimantan Asks for the Competency of Community Library Workers to be More Paid Attention

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – The arrival of 15 members of the South Kalimantan Province Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) is to convey an important message. One of them is the competency of library staffs in the community. They feel that National Library needs to provide more support besides attention in the form of collection assistance. The competency of library staffs in the community is still limited. This was conveyed directly before the Prime Secretary (Sestama) of National Library, Sri Sumekar, during a work visit to the National Library on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan Number 11, Jakarta, on Tuesday (3/3)

"In fact they are in direct contact with public," said Commission IV member, Zulfa Asma Vikra.

Responding to the question, Sestama said that currently the National Library is actively promoting library transformation based on social inclusion. This program is directed to the grass roots. Which means, people who live in rural/kelurahan can also enjoy the benefits of social inclusion based library.

"Social inclusion based library choose five villages in each regency/municipal. The library staffs are given life skills training that are adjusted to the needs of their publics. If necessary, they will be accompanied by competent trainers," explained Sestama.

On the other hand, Sestama also asked each region to pay special attention to the library and literacy development of its people. The region is responsible for the library. Moreover, South Kalimantan province is recognized by Sestama as a province that has budgeted the highest Regional Revenue and Expenditures Budget (APBD) for library activities. 

Attention to the library has apparently been carried out by the South Kalimantan Provincial Library Service Office. Head of Services and Development Field of the South Kalimantan Library Service Office, Wildan Akhyar, said that his party had even launched Literacy Tourism by extending the opening hours of library services. 

"But, we are also constrained by the human resources. From five workers who enter post-retirement duties, we only get one librarian Civil Servant Candidate (CPNS). In that case, we are also cooperating with community," Wildan explained.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Hartoyo Darmawan

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