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31 Jan 2020

Kebumen Regency Forms a Special Committee for the Draft Regional Regulation on Library Implementation

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Although 20 percent of the Regional Revenue and Expenditures Budget (APBD) have been budgeted for education, but apparently did not touch the library development in Kebumen Regency. Lack of attention to the library in the area makes the Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Kebumen Regency compiled a Special Committee related to the drafting of regional regulation concerning the implementation of library and archives. This was conveyed directly by Deputy Chairman of the Kebumen Regency DPRD, Yuniarti Widyaningsih, when conducted a comparative study at the National Library on Friday (1/31).

"Kebumen Regency has a population of 1.3 million, but the library is still type C. This certainly affects the services given to public," she said. In fact, according to Yuniarti, village funds were not budgeted for library. Therefore from this regional regulation, it is expected to be a solution to the problem.

The Director of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, appreciates the attention of the DPRD Kebumen Regency members to the development of regional library. According to Syarif, this was a support for the president's direction in order to improve the quality of human resources for advanced Indonesia.

"I hope that in the preparation of the Regional Regulation, several points should also be considered. Namely, the ratio between the population and the number of books that must be available, the determination of the reading time program, as well as an increase in literacy index so that public is able to create goods and services for the welfare of their lives," explained Syarif.

Reporter: Eka Purniawati

Photographer: Raden Radityo

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