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29 Jan 2020

Library Central Work Meeting 2020, Ministry of Finance: Routine Program Should No Longer Be a National Priority

Salemba, Jakarta - Improving the quality of human resources (HR) is the key in facing global challenges. This foundation is expected to be successful when Indonesia enters a century of age in 2045. Although the HR quality index consistently increases, it needs to be improved to face future changes.

"National competitiveness focuses on aspects of infrastructure and human resources, the ability to innovate and adapt to technology, and financial systems. So, it can be said that HR is the key to economic growth and life quality of Indonesian people," added the Head of Budget Sub-Directorate of Education and Budget Field for the Ministry of Finance, Sudadi, at Library Central Work Meeting 2020 in Jakarta, on Wednesday (1/29/2020). In a fiscal perspective, the education sector has a strategic value and a strong correlation with economic growth and fiscal sustainability.  

President Jokowi on various occasions asked all Ministry/Institution to make a breakthrough program (innovation). Including, innovation in fostering reading fondness and increasing the enthusiasm of community visits to the library.

"Regarding the social inclusion library program, Ministry of Finance specifically appreciates. The program is a breakthrough that deserves to be developed," added the Head of the Budget Section for Education and Youth IV Field for the Ministry of Finance, Syahrul.

However, the Ministry of Finance also reminded that activities (programs) that have become routine should no longer be a national priority. Library need to make new breakthroughs so that library benefits can be maximized. So if this is done, it will have an impact on improving life and scientific knowledge or public knowledge.

In the presentation delivered at the National Library Central Work Meeting 2020, the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) of National Library 2020-2024 has a direction and policy, namely (1) Enhancing culture to strengthen character and national identity, improve people's welfare, and influence the direction of world civilization development through access and quality enhancement of museum, archive, and library services, as well as preservation and manuscripts development as a source of national cultural and historical value, and (2) Increasing literacy, innovation, and creativity for the realization of a knowledgeable and character society, through enhancement of literacy culture which includes the development of a reading fondness culture, book development and strengthening literacy content; and improving access and quality of library services based on social inclusion; and strengthening social institutions of literacy and innovation driving which include the development of library supporters.

Meanwhile, the direction of Library construction policy 2020 focuses on (1) Improving the quality of human resources and people's welfare through literacy strengthening for welfare, applied and inclusive information literacy, community assistance for information literacy, and equitable distribution of library services based on social inclusion, (2) Supporting the achievement of the Indonesian Human Development Index (HDI) through acculturation of reading fondness and the use of library, and (3) Increase the availability of knowledge resources and intellectual works both written, printed and recorded for the benefit of education, scientific development and national development through library.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Rd Radityo

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