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25 Feb 2020

Ministry of Agriculture: POS Tani for Indonesian Farmers’ Welfare

Pancoran, Jakarta - Indonesian economy depends on agriculture. Therefore, Indonesian farmers must be assisted so that they can easily understand knowledge about agriculture. Support from Ministry of Agriculture is needed to be a good coach and teacher so that the farmers are literate. Because, everything related to agriculture such as technology, varieties of plants, cultivation of superior seeds can be learned and created by reading.

Education is not solely obtained through schools, but libraries instead. Library is likened to a centre for enlightenment and enrichment of knowledge in the community.

For the sake of realising modern and advanced farmers, Ministry of Agriculture created POS Tani. POS Tani is an idea in the form of ‘library comes to you’ service, namely Pustaka On the Spot Pertanian for advanced, modern, and independent agriculture that prosper farmers. POS Tani is a proactive effort to bring the library closer to farmers.

"Just like library that has transformed into social inclusion-based library, Indonesian farmers must also transform from traditional farmers to modern farmers so that their welfare and quality of life improve. Now, the task of Ministry of Agriculture is to bring reading material needed by farmers in the form of POS Tani," explained Head of Library and Agricultural Technology Distribution Centre (P3TP), Retno Sri Hartati Mulyandari at National Coordination Meeting on Library in 2020.

Literacy is indeed the key of all, because literacy can be interpreted with the depth of knowledge possessed by someone. In which there are four levels of literacy, namely the ability to collect reading resources, the ability to understand what is implied and explicit, the ability to express ideas, and the ability to create quality goods and services.


Reporter                     : Basma Sartika

Photographer             : Raden Radityo





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