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25 Feb 2020

Minister of Home Affairs Asks Local Leaders to Build Libraries down to Village Level

Pancoran, Jakarta - Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Prof. H. M. Tito Karnavian, Ph.D., asked local leaders to build library down to village level. He revealed this when he opened National Library National Coordination Meeting 2020 entitled "Innovation and Creativity of Librarians in Strengthening Literacy Culture to Realise Superior Human Resources towards Advanced Indonesia" at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/02).

"I ask local leaders both in province, regency/municipality to, first, establish library service, second to allocate budget, then also encourage the construction of libraries in sub districts. No need to be big, but suitable to the needs of the people there, for village is also the same," said Minister of Home Affairs.

According to Minister of Home Affairs, the amount of village fund disbursed by central government to village treasury account can also be used to build a library that can encourage local community literacy.

"With village fund, I coordinate with Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration so that it can also be used to build mini library for each village, it does not need to be large but the books are available, then the information contained in collection materials there can be consumed by the community to develop their innovations in developing their regions," he said.

The presence of libraries and reading material collection that can be provided in libraries tailored to the needs of local community can encourage innovation in the region, especially if assisted by the attention of CSR and private sector.

"For example, in archipelago region, how to maintain corals, protect coral ecosystems, cultivate fish, in tourist destinations, how to form a culture that is tourism-friendly, historical tourism. These books with all possible video collections, or anything if read by our children in villages, they will automatically innovate, let alone assisted by government through village fund, fund from central government, fund from local government, grant, CSR, corporates, then it will build a good production machine, strong regional resistance against economic pressures. They can be self-subsistent in independent villages, in independent regions. Now, if all rise up to build from self-help in each region, Indonesia will become a very strong economy," explained Minister of Home Affairs.

Not only that, as the ministry which has the duty and function to conduct guidance and supervision of the course of government in the regions, he will write circular to encourage the existence of library service office in the regions.

"I will make Minister of Home Affairs Regulation including a circular on how to form library service organisation or institution. The second is to review APBD (regional budget) so that the budget also allocate fund for it, then conduct supervision through inspectorate. That would be, if all provinces, regencies/municipalities down to villages have access to library, then it will boost reading interest in too," he said.

In addition, development of information and communication technology as a necessity, demands development of e-library. However, internet access in Indonesia has not been evenly distributed, requiring physical libraries to be present, in addition to improving reading access.

"We also hope that e-library -an electronic library that can be accessed only using gadgets, cellphones- can be built, but once again manual library should still exist. Because to this day, internet has not reached remote areas, some are still slow, secondly, not all of our community has the ability to buy smart phones -cellular phones that is smart, automatic. The manual one must still be there too," said Minister of Home Affairs.


Reportage: Ministry of Home Affairs Information Centre




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