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26 Feb 2020

Freedom of Learning Movement towards Advanced Indonesia

Pancoran, Jakarta - Head of Malang State University Library Prof. Dr. Djoko Saryono, M.Pd., emphasised the importance of understanding Freedom of Learning Movement towards Advanced Indonesia in terms of improving the competence of librarians, libraries and school education.

"So, freedom of learning is a boat/road used to achieve that educational goal. The problem is, the learning objectives are clear or not, the education process, " he said when he was a guest speaker at National Coordination Meeting on Library at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/26/2020).

Djoko believes, to encourage a better learning and education process, the right strategy is needed. In addition, it must be considered how the ideal library and librarian description to be realised.

"These are important questions. What is freedom of learning? Is there any precondition that encourage freedom of learning? What activities and innovations that must be carried out? What is librarian like? So that we know how the existence of school, madrasa libraries description in realising freedom of learning," he explained.

Furthermore, Djoko explained, the principle of freedom of learning is actually already familiar, because the basic concept, namely hetagogy and pedagogy are quite familiar in Indonesian education world for the past 10 years.

"In education theory it is called hetagogy. All teachers and students are equal. So, in fact pedagogy sees students as all-in-all not knowing creatures who turn to be knowing. As for teachers, the all-knowing creatures can become ignorant, so they must also be students. One of freedom of learning points is all teachers, all students. This is the principle of hetagogy, of how freedom of learning really is," he explained.

Library is the element of freedom of learning system and absolute precondition.
"Because learning does not have to depend on class, it does not have to depend on one textbook. So, let the library be a piece of heaven for our children learning process," added Djoko.


Reportage: Ministry of Home Affairs Information Centre





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