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26 Feb 2020

Encourage Library Revolution through Internet

Pancoran, Jakarta – Gerakan Pustaka Bergerak (Mobile Library Movement) activist, Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka encourages librarians and literacy activists to maximise the use of internet in literacy movement in their respective regions. "Internet is the largest library," he said during a discussion on "The Role of Literacy Activists in Increasing Community Literacy" at National Coordination Meeting on Library at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/2).

In his opinion, internet technology can disseminate information throughout the world quickly, besides that the quality of knowledge is also increasingly of high quality and can be easily obtained through search engine features. With the internet, libraries are no longer limited to space, library functions can be easily expanded by building voluntary networks so that literacy can spread throughout the region. "This is a library revolution. The library moves, moves without limits,” he said.

Much can be done to attract the attention of public in literacy movement, Nirwan goes around on a horse carrying books to be lent to the community, until now Pustaka Bergerak network has been spread throughout Indonesia under different names and various modes of transportation whether horse, boat, or just a basket of books. Nirwan reminded that the essence of library is not only in the form of books but in reading, storytelling, and learning. "Libraries must be formed by activities, not by buildings," he said. Literacy activists also need to start moving because so many children are thirsty for reading but do not have reading material.

National Coordination Meeting on Library 2020 took the theme 'Innovation and Creativity of Librarians in Strengthening Literacy Culture to Realise Superior Human Resources towards Advanced Indonesia', lasted for 3 (three) days, 25-27 February 2020 at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta. It was attended by at least 1,500 stakeholders from central, local governments as well as literacy activists and library experts in Indonesia. The coordination meeting is expected to produce programme recommendations and synchronisation to increase literacy index in Indonesia.


Reportage: Ministry of Home Affairs Information Centre




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