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27 Feb 2020

National Library Reminds of DAK Proposal Requirements

Pancoran, Jakarta - On the last day of National Coordination Meeting on Library event in 2020 with the theme "Innovation and Creativity of Librarians in Strengthening Literacy Culture to Realise Superior Human Resources towards Advanced Indonesia", Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, again reminded that requirements for supporting documents in submitting the proposal for Special Allocation Fund (DAK) menu for construction of library buildings must be well prepared. This effort was made not to repeat the failures that had occurred in 2019 fiscal year. Therefore, on this occasion Deni explained in detail about the operational instructions for physical DAK in the field of education in the subfield of library for 2020 fiscal year.

"From the experience of DAK proposals in 2019 fiscal year, with a budget of 300 billion supported by 222 library offices both provincial and regency/municipality, there are 3 locations that failed to complete their work, namely Bangka Belitung Islands, West Bandung, and Malaka Regencies. Due to this failure, National Library received punishment for 2020 fiscal year. For this reason, hopefully in 2020 fiscal year we can all finish the paperwork in accordance with what was our initial commitment," explained Deni at length.

Based on DAK proposal submission for 2019 fiscal year, there are 32 regions that receive DAK for the menu of library building construction with a budget of 312 billion. Then, there are 22 library offices both in provinces and districts / municipalities that obtain a budget of 4.5 billion each for the menu of library building expansion. And finally, there are 9 regional library offices that receive DAK for library building renovation menu.

Supporting documents as requirement in submitting DAK proposals for the menu of library building construction in the regions are land certificate and Detailed Engineering Design (DED). "Perceiving the experience that occurred in 2019, once again it is reminded that certificate of land ownership and DED whose contents are pictures of Budget Plan (RAB), Terms of Reference (KAK) and Bill of Quantity (BQ) must be prepared properly. All of that was carried out to avoid problems that occur due to incomplete supporting documents in 2019 so that this will not be repeated in 2020," Deni urged.


Reporter: Basma Sartika






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