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27 Feb 2020

Archive and Library as One Civilisation Home

Pancoran, Jakarta - Civilisation is the advancement of intelligence and culture. Today's civilisation is filled with information technology sophistication. Gadgets as a result of technology are able to make libraries and archives more accessible.

In addition to technology, the progress of nation's civilisation is also supported by other fundamental factors, namely reading fondness, literacy skills, and good archival management that promises excellent service.

"Speak no more of archives are more important or libraries are better. Both must synergise," said Acting Head of National Archives M Taufik at National Coordination Meeting on Library 2020 in Jakarta, Thursday, (27/2). If likened to an airplane, libraries and archives are the wings that fly. Both have a vital position.

Furthermore, Director of National Library emphasised the importance of literacy. In general, literacy is divided into four levels. First, the ability to gather sufficient reading material. In fact, UNESCO requires that at least everyone has three new books a year. Second, the ability to understand explicitly or implicitly. Third, literacy is interpreted as the ability to produce ideas, theories, creativity, and new innovations. And finally, literacy is the ability to create quality goods or services.

So, one of proofs that Indonesian literacy level is low is when raw materials from agricultural products are exported, then processed and then re-imported and sold at high prices. "If you only have the theoretical ability without follow-up, it's just nonsense," said Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando.

Thus, any theory even if it is long, it will not be useful if it is not applied, changing it in the form of goods or services. "That is, if humans stop learning, it’s the same as starting death," said Syarif Bando.


Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan




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