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28 Jan 2020

National Library of Indonesia Central Work Meeting 2020: The Enhancement of Literacy Culture Becomes Serious Focus

Salemba, Jakarta - As a pluralistic nation that has abundant cultural wealth, starting from custom, local wisdom, and cultural art on which, if managed properly, will become the driving force and basic capital for development. The development of Indonesian culture that is not yet optimal has become the National Library (Perpusnas) focus which will be seriously worked on throughout 2020-2024.

The enhancement of literacy culture includes, among others, the development of reading fondness culture, the development of books and the strengthening of literacy content, as well as the improvement of library services based on social inclusion access and quality.

The literacy formula in each region is different because its characteristics are not the same. Since library has become a compulsory affair, then regions are also expected to prepare its cultural collections. "The reading material needs must be in accordance with the community needs," added the Director of Perpusnas when giving direction at Perpusnas Central Work Meeting (Rakerpus) 2020 on Tuesday (1/28).

The Director of Perpusnas assumed that Indonesia will turn up from middle to high income country at the age of one century (2045). Moreover, if coupled with the status as a literate nation.

Reporter: Hartoyo Darmawan

Photographer: Rd Radityo

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