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26 Feb 2020

BPK RI Library Collection as Reference for Staff

Pancoran, Jakarta - Audit Board (BPK) is one of state high institutions based on the 1945 Constitution. BPK's vision is to be the driver of state financial management to achieve the country's goals through quality and useful audits, while the two missions of which are to examine management and responsibility of state finance freely and independently as well as implement organisational governance with integrity, independence and professionalism. In an effort to help employees carry out their work, BPK established a library categorised as special library.

The tasks of BPK research library include supporting audit and non-audit activities, providing library materials for research activities on governance and accountability of state finance, providing reference material about state finance, increasing reading interest, and developing library materials in order to increase the competence of examiners and non-examiners in BPK. "Employees usually look for collections in the library to be used as source of information. As for collection, the ratio is 50:50 in the field of examination and non-examination," said Dewi Kaniasari from BPK RI Library at National Coordination Meeting on Library 2020.

BPK repository is divided into four categories namely inspection results, BPK publications, implementation and technical guidelines, and collection of articles. "Our examination results are made in printed and digital form. And those diligent in writing will be at the top position because the database of article collection is grouped based on author of the article," said Dewi.

Activities commonly carried out by BPK research libraries include forming library forums which are carried out jointly with library managers in all BPK representative offices throughout Indonesia. This was conducted in order to obtain uniformity in library management at the centre and representatives. There is also book review, socialisation of services and library collection, promotion by Book Train (GoSIP), coffee hang-out, SAI World delegation visit, and Coworking space. "Our library is not too big but there are two discussion places that can be used to work on assignments, complete assignments, and also discussions," concluded Dewi.


Reporter: Basma Sartika




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