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26 Feb 2020

Vice Mayor of Tegal: Government Support not Merely Ceremonial Event

Pancoran, Jakarta - Vice Mayor of Tegal Muhamad Jumadi challenged local government to be more serious in giving support to literacy movement in their respective regions. "Government support for literacy is nonsense, if it does not contribute directly, it is not just a ceremonial event," he said at National Coordination Meeting on Library at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/2).

According to Jumadi there are still many who are not aware of the importance of literacy, whereas literacy is the key to civilisation and library is the heart of literacy. For this reason, Tegal Municipality has carried out a number of literacy activities including the creation of Sakila Kerti Community Reading Park (TBM) at Tegal Terminal area in 2011. Originally, the location of 4x6 meter room was dirty, filthy and often used for gambling, but now it has developed into a library that serves marginal community that operates at terminal. "We have 'Ladis Song Malam' programme, Service with Simultaneous Innovation for Street Vendor Elderly Community at Bus Station," he explained.

The literacy movement in Tegal, said Jumadi, is not only carried out in government circles, but simultaneously carried out in ​​settlements, schools, cafes, police office, prosecutor office and district military base. "We invite everyone to move together. If the government works alone, we won’t make it. All will move together," he added. The launching of Reading Ambassador, for example, is not merely putting the mayor's wife as an ambassador, but choosing community ambassadors from neighbourhood level to municipality level to actively develop reading interest in their respective regions. "If we hope for others to do it, of course we cannot. We must work first, then we can support. Every day we must move, not just be quiet and hope that everything will go smoothly," Jumadi added.

National Coordination Meeting on Library 2020 whose theme was 'Innovation and Creativity of Librarians in Strengthening Literacy Index to Realise Superior Human Resources towards Advanced Indonesia', lasted for 3 (three) days, 25-27 February 2020 at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta. It was attended by at least 1,500 stakeholders from central, regional government as well as literacy activists and library experts in Indonesia. The coordination meeting is expected to produce programme recommendations and synchronisation to increase literacy index in Indonesia.


Reporter: Ministry of Home Affairs Information Centre



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