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26 Feb 2020

Many Librarians are not at Library

Pancoran, Jakarta - President of Indonesian Library and Information Science Scholars (ISIPII), Wiji Suwarno is concerned because there are still many librarians who work not on their position. Because, many librarians who actually do administrative work compared to librarianship work.

"As is the case in schools, there are many librarians but not in their position, the one who serves as the head of library is actually teacher not the librarian. The librarian even helps with administrative work, and becomes a guest in his own home (library), " he told the National Coordination Meeting on Library, (26/2).

Wiji explained that the work of librarians at this time is not only to process books, but is also demanded to have other competencies which are not only engaged in the technical realm. In its development, librarian profession can become teaching, researcher, writer, and entrepreneur librarian.

"Professional development is not only in writing competence. I get anxious when someone asks, what can librarian do? As a matter of fact, there are many librarians out there who work out of the track. Librarians are expected to have other competencies such as writers, lecturers, researchers who continue to carry out their functions as librarians," he continued.

Furthermore, Wiji explained, librarian is a profession because there are licenses or certificates as form of recognition of competence. Based on data from librarian group in 2020, in Central Java only 56 librarians have been certified and 197 are not certified. Meanwhile, at university there are already 100 certified librarians.

"Indeed, there are not many certified librarians, because this competency certificate has not been as influential as lecturers. But at least there is already a light of hope, that librarian will one day sit at his level," he said.


Reporter         : Wara Merdekawati

Photographer : Raden Radityo




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