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21 Jan 2020

Technical Work Meeting of Deputy I of the National Library: Service Aspects and User Satisfaction Index Occupy Good Category

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - There is a saying that there are no results that betray efforts. A number of successes achieved by the Deputy of Library Materials Development and Information Services prove it. The National Library public service scored 3.65, or in the good category. Improvement in ranking for service aspects by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) is considered as seriousness of the National Library.

The National Library in particular is ranked fifth out of 18 Ministries/Institutions that were evaluated by KemenPAN-RB. Evaluation aspects include service policy, HR professionals, innovation, infrastructure, Public Service Information System (SIPP), as well as consultation and complaint.

"Overall, the National Library users' satisfaction index increased by 0.08 points compared to the previous period. From 4.31 to 4.39. It has reached a scale of 5. If referring to a minimum scale of 4 that refers to Regulation of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PermenPAN-RB) number 14/2017, then the National Library users’ satisfaction index is 3.51 (good)," explained Deputy I of the National Library, Ofy Sofiana, at Rakernis of the National Library Deputy I direction in the Hall of National Library of Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, on Tuesday (1/21).

In addition to the positive achievements in the field of library services, Deputy 1 also received recognition/award for fulfilling the requirements of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System for Service Center (Pusjasa) work unit, Library Material Deposit, Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Proclamator Bung Karno (Blitar), and UPT Bung Hatta (Bukittinggi). Then, the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate regarding Information Security Management System, as well as the Memory of the World (MOW) certificate from UNESCO for Negarakretagama, Dipadegara Dipadegara, and Panji Stories collections.

In addition to the record of success, Deputy Ofi Sofiana asked her staffs that (1) procurement of collections must be based on the results of public needs studies; (2) socialization of e-resources will be more focused on how to use it; (3) the needs for regular service ethics training; (4) social inclusion based skills workshops; and (5) providing co-working space and service information center at BCB needs to be realized.

Reporter: Nia Purniawati

Photographer: Ahmad Kemal 

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